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Andrew Bergthold

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Andrew grew up in a musical family, and some of his earliest memories are singing in a gospel children choir at his home church in downtown Kansas City. At a young age he discovered songwriting, mainly because he couldn’t bring himself to stick to the notes written on the pages of his piano sheet music. What started as improvisation soon lead to writing full songs with lyrics and tracking them on his dad’s old radio station cassette tape recorder. Before he had a digital means to record Andrew found clever ways to rig the setup so he could play back the parts he recorded and layer in other instruments and vocals. Through high-school and college Andrew started and lead multiple bands ranging from punk rock to worship. The most notable being We The Kingdom which recently was brought back to life and restructured with the Cash Family. As a writer and producer and artist developer Andrew has had songs featured in Commercials used by McDonalds, mainstream movie trailers, #1 radio singles, dove nominations, and has worked on a record that won a grammy. But more than any kind of success and award Andrew strives to create authentic art and empower those around him to thrive in their giftings. All pointing toward the giver of every good, the original perfect creator, Jesus.

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