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Aaron Bowlin

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Aaron Bowlin is the Director of Studio Operations and A&R Administration at Curb Records in Nashville, Tennessee.  He has worked for Curb Records for sixteen years in various positions.  He received a Bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Recording Industry Management in 1994.  During this time he was working at various radio stations in the Nashville and Knoxville areas.  From there he worked for BMI in the television department.  After his stint at BMI, he then went on the road to tour with an RCA artist for three years as a merchandise manager.  When he came off the road in 1997 he started working at Curb Music Publishing.  In July of 1998 he was offered a job in Curb Studios handling all of the video and audio masters of the Curb Recording artists.  Aaron currently works in the studio doing audio and video editing and A&R Administration for Curb Records and is a writer for Curb Music Publishing.