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Tedd T


Tedd T is a Nashville based pop songwriter and producer.  He is a multi-Grammy winning producer and writer. Tedd is best described as the final member of the band.  He is a true chameleon with his production style and can adapt to almost any situation.  His credits reflect that ranging from pop to country and dance to ccm.  He has penned more than ten #1 singles.  Tedd’s credits include the development of the seminal band Mute Math and writing and production of their first few albums, including their song “Spotlight” which was used in the motion picture Twilight.  He was also a co-writer on the song “Ashes” which was recorded by Celine Dion for Deadpool 2.  Throughout his career Tedd has written multiple platinum and gold singles and 2021 is looking to continue with releases coming with For King & Country, Mercy Me and many others.  

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