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Stephen Carswell

Stephen Carswell

Stephen grew up surrounded by music. He spent a lot of his childhood riding around the country on a tour bus with his dad. He was in “bands” with his friends from as early as he can remember. As he started to take music more seriously he became friends with producer Tedd T who encouraged him to pursue writing and production. He spent a couple years camped out at Tedd’s house after hours trying to learn all the tricks. During that time he started writing and producing for himself under the name Westover and released two albums. As he has grown as a writer & producer he has been able to work with Maverick City Music, Matthew West, David Crowder, Mike Donehey, NewSong, and more. He also has a passion for working with young indie artists taking a different approach to music. He recently wrapped an album for Hannah Oliver as well as singles for Cecily & Dante Williamson.

Stephen lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Olivia and their two kids Ivy & Hartley.

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