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Stefan Green

Stefan Green

South African born and bred, Stefan Green is passionate about music, crafting and creating art that causes the veil to be lifted, giving way to a clearer image of God for all. With an ongoing burning desire to communicate the Heart of the Father, he is a song writer and worship leader. Worship runs through his veins, and he knows that through this, the presence of the Holy Spirit will bring transformation to the world around him. 

He has been part of creating with Elevation Worship, Localsound, Lifeworship, Bridge Worship and many more also contributed to a GMA Dove Award Worship Album nomination with songs on Here As In Heaven & There Is A Cloud.

From the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, experiencing struggle, pain and joy firsthand, to studying, living and touring in the States, Stef has seen the scars and broken layers of humanity, as well as a hope that is found in Jesus. Through his experience, he brings a unique view and edge to releasing a sound that will become the doorway for many to find Jesus.
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