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Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Growing up in Louisiana, and later making his way to Tennessee, Mark William Campbell began touring internationally, primarily playing guitar and keys with the Grammy-winning band for KING & COUNTRY at 19 years old. While touring throughout the 2010’s with highlights including a two-show stint at the Sydney Opera house, a half dozen performances at the Ryman auditorium, and several appearances on TV such as the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Good Morning America. During this time, Campbell’s gravitation toward songwriting and production became evident as he began writing and creating with the bands he toured with, as well as writing music for film and TV, along with scoring several independent films.


Carrying a lyrical bend towards asking questions and an investigation of what it means to be hopeful when the odds are stacked, it’s clear that music is how Campbell expresses his experience with the world around him. He approaches creativity with a spirit of exploration and discovery of new sounds. While Campbell focuses primarily on writing and producing songs for an array of artists and bands, he also released his first EP of solo material, “Morningfires” in 2020. The sounds of “Morningfires” give a nod to the Americana and Heartland rock music he grew up with, while bearing a modern richness of cascading synthesizers and compelling production. Campbell’s songwriting on “Morningfires” completes the circuit with a reflective longing that is present in moments of both crescendo and negative space. 

Mark recently came off the road to transition from touring and performance to focus on his love of creating new music, writing and producing songs with other artists and bands, putting his weight down as a part of the growing songwriting community in Nashville, TN. He is 1/2 of the cinematic band I Was the Lion, and a member of local Nashville band The Handsome Loners.  A selection of Campbell’s writing and production credits include working with artists such as Augustana, for KING & COUNTRY, Josh Baldwin, We Are Messengers, Love & The Outcome, Elenowen, SVRCINA, with an eclectic list of film and TV placements including ad spots and shows/movies on HBO, ABC, STARZ, ESPN, Microsoft XBOX, and MTV amongst others.


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