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Chris Mackey

Chris Mackey

Producer Chris "Dirty Rice” Mackey is a Grammy, Stellar, and Dove Award winning producer and songwriter. After graduating from high school in Shreveport, Louisiana, Chris left to pursue a degree music production at Middle Tennessee State University. He spent his years at MTSU honing his talents both as a producer and a songwriter. In 2011, his efforts culminated in a win at the Nashville based producer competition, Soundtrack Beat Battle.

In 2015, Chris was nominated for a staggering eight Dove awards. Most notably, he was nominated for Producer of the Year for his contributions as one half of the production duo COBRA. Chris received three nominations for his work on Lecrae’s “Anomaly,” KB’s “Tomorrow We Live,” and Derek Minor’s “Empire” and four nominations for contributions as a songwriter. In that same year he received his first Grammy award for his work on Lecrae’s winning song “Messengers.” Throughout his career his talents have frequently brought him outside of the realm of record making and into the land of film and TV. With placements on shows like The Bachelor, The Real Housewives, UFC, and many more, Chris has established himself as a multi-talented creator. Chris now works full time producing and developing artists through 4 Against 5—an imprint of Curb Word Entertainment—while adding to his resume of album cuts and film and TV placements.

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